High-Quality Lamination Services at Laguna Digital

From cards to posters and signs, lamination is a great way to protect and preserve items. Clear lamination leaves items waterproof and less prone to damage. Leave a 1/4″ border to maximize water protection.

Standard Lamination Sizes

Custom Lamination Sizes

We can laminate any size as long as it fits in a 36″x150′ lamination roll.

Lamination Edge Finishing

Sealed Edge

A printed piece sandwiched between two pieces of lamination film that extend past the edge of the printed piece allowing the two layers of film to bond to each other around the entire perimeter, thus totally encapsulating the printed document in plastic.

The Sealed Edge Finishing provides protection when the printing may be subject to frequent handling or used in a harsh environment. The overhang lip created by the Sealed Edge method is usually of 1/8”-1/4”.

Flush Cut

Refers to lamination that is trimmed even with the edge of the printed piece, but the edge of the printing is not completely enclosed in film. Therefore, it does not completely protect the edge of the paper from moisture, oil or grime like the Sealed Edge finish.