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Whether you need 50 or 2,500 printed books, Laguna Digital has the equipment to handle all of your book printing and binding projects. We utilize a mix of traditional offset printing presses and state-of-the-art digital printers, as well as a variety of paper stocks and binding options, to accommodate your specific project needs.




Size: 4.25″X6.87″

The pocket book trim size is the most popular option for romance, mystery, light literature and other genre fiction books.

Right, Stephen King?
Somewhere Stephen King is saying, “Yes. I am quite familiar with this format.”

Popular pocket book text paper stock selections are 50lb or 60lb Natural with black and white printing and perfect binding.


Size: 5.5″X8.5″

Digest trim size is commonly used for compilation publications
(like TV Guide or Readers Digest), but is also a great option for poetry books and genre fiction. This size looks fantastic with virtually any paper stock option and perfect binding.

US trade

Size: 6″X9″

US Trade trim size works well with all binding styles and text paper stock options. It’s like the easygoing best friend of book sizes, and is a popular selection for sports books and other non-fiction titles.


Size: 7.5″X8.5″

Another great option that works well with all paper stock and binding types, square sizes are often used for larger format fiction, non-fiction, photography, children’s books, and cookbooks.


Size: 9″X7″

Landscape books make beautiful art, photography, and children’s books. This size is a popular option for the works: premium hard case binding, full color text printing on gloss paper stock, and dust jacket—a work of art in and of itself.


Size: 6.625″X10.25″

The classic comic book style is great for saddle stitching and low page count color printing.
Commonly printed on 60lb or 80lb gloss text paper stocks, popular uses of this size include magazines, children’s books, promotional literature, and…what else?
Oh, right: comic books.

us letter

Size: 8.5″X11″

This size has many uses including text books, art and photography books, children’s books, training manuals, cookbooks, and religious publications. Since it works well with all binding styles and text paper stock options, it’s a lot like your easygoing best friend the US Trade trim. Just, you know…bigger.



Black & White

If you don’t require any color printing within the body of your book, black & white printing is your best option: all text and images will print in black & white.


Choose color text printing for book projects requiring color within the body of the book. Images should be 300 PPI and use CMYK. Although we will be able to convert any RGB images to CMYK for printing, this may result in color shifts. So, you know, heads up. We recommend you view this change on your own computer so you can adjust for accuracy.


Hard Covers

Hard Covers are protective, rigid book covers with glued bindings.
There’s a 24 page count minimum for hard cover binding.

Adhesive Case Wrap

Adhesive Case Wraps are printed on 80lb Enamel stock with gloss lamination and are adhered to rigid board, creating a hard case cover.

Dust Jackets are also available as an option.


Ornamental black and white striped cotton headbands glued to the head and tail of the text block book spines are a popular decoration that help to obscure the visibility of glue used in binding.

Soft Covers

Soft Covers are flexible book covers printed on 10pt cover stock with glued bindings.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is the style of choice for most paperback books and features a flexible, glued binding.

Saddle Stitched

Stapled at the spine fold of the book, Saddle Stitched binding are popular for thinner poetry books, instruction manuals, periodicals, playbills, and children’s books. There is a 68 page maximum for saddle stitching.

Plastic Spiral Binding

A continuous plastic coil spun through holes along the binding edge of the book spine, Spiral Binding is a popular style for 8.5” x 11 US Letter trim-sized books for educational materials, workbooks, operating guides, and cookbooks that require durability in frequent use.

Plastic Comb Binding

Curved plastic teeth are inserted through holes punched along the binding edge of the book spine, making Comb binding a popular style for instruction manuals, medical periodicals, and other educational materials that may require easier access for adding and removing content as it changes over time.


Gloss Film Lamination

This ultra-durable, lustrous film laminated gloss coating adds a radiant sheen to your book’s cover while also helping to extend the life of your book and prevent the cover from curling.

Matte Finish

If David Lynch directed book covers, this is the finish he’d probably use. Non-glossy matte makes images appear softer and more dreamlike: a little velvet, a little noir, and a whole lot of subtle, professional style.


Need help with layout and graphics?

Don’t worry, we’re on it. Our experienced staff will work with you to make sure your whole book—from art to content and covers—represents the smart, professional-looking final product you’ve had in mind all along.