Search Engine Optimization


Go to Google and search images for “puppy.”

Go ahead. We’ll wait.

If you searched, you probably started scrolling into infinity, with page after page of puppies, each as adorable as the last. And as silly as this little experiment seems, this is what it’s like to be just another business with just another website floating in the vast empty space of the World Wide Web: one adorable puppy out of millions. What you need is a plan that makes your site—in the context of this exercise—one of the cutest, most sought-after puppies on the internet!

Organic Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates 80% of clicks and web search traffic 20% from Pay-per-click), and Laguna Digital provides professional internet SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns to help tap into this goldmine of brand exposure. We create and manage PPC campaigns on all major search engines including Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing, and strive to ensure that your website not only gets noticed, but brings a return of investment that you can see. Which is probably one of the few things as awesome as puppies.