Premier Art and Photo Scanning Solutions Near You at Laguna Digital

Art and Photo Scanning Solutions

Our clients are frequently the best in their respective industries, and they rightfully demand as much from us. Artists, photographers, museums, gallery owners, graphic designers, colleges, and ad agencies come to us because we specialize in customer service and color accuracy, to ensure that their photo scanning needs are met with the best solutions.

Laguna Digital photo scans are the pre-press standard for highest quality, from original film or paper, 35mm up to 36” x 48”. Our High Definition scan service includes critical pre-scan corrections, selective sharpening, dust spotting, final tone, and color correction, and we offer both Low-res and Hi-res scanning options to accommodate any job.






File Scanning Solutions


File cabinets are so 1987!  As the world moves ever closer to greener, paperless options of file storage, we at Laguna Digital are ready to assist our customers with this transition. Imagine being able to access every file with just the touch of a button! It’s easier than you think.

Laguna Digital utilizes high-speed, high-capacity document scanners to acquire quality scans, which are converted to PDF files and saved to CD for ease of navigation and accessibility. Our scanning and imaging service provides complete back-file conversion for accurate indexing and archiving of your critical records. With the most advanced technology and our commitment to excellence, we can help even the toughest, most paper-trail-dependent industries (we’re looking at you Medical, Legal, and Corporate Institutions!) progress closer to that Paperless Office Shangri-La.