Mailing Lists

List Acquisition

The key to a successful mail marketing campaign is finding the right target market. It’s waste of time, resources, and money to advertise to people who will not benefit from your services.  For example, the good patrons of your local Vegan Bistro will probably not appreciate your butcher shop’s 2-for-1 chops promotion (as great of a deal as that may be!)

We can assist you in buying and renting lists from a variety of data providers, focusing on building a quality database of recipients to fit the specific criteria of your brand based on geography, lifestyle, income, age, and more. The better your list is, the greater the chance of seeing a return on your investment. Let us help you get started!

List Management

Once you’ve acquired a strong database of customers, it’s important to make sure that information stays up-to-date. Our list management services ensure that the integrity of your list remains true by eliminating incomplete and duplicate records that could ultimately reduce efficiency and negatively affect mailing costs.

We are also able to organize and sort your data, segmenting your customers by specific criteria to tailor campaigns within campaigns that target different audiences within the scope of your main database. Kind of like the movie Inception, but in real life and without car chases. Not only does this maximize campaign effectiveness, it provides accessible, accurate data that is always ready for you to use, however and whenever you need it.